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LY-2167 Flotation vest foam lifejacket explorer style

Short Description:

1. Foam lifejacket explorer style, EN ISO 12402 -5 approval
2. Perfect for all flat water boating activities including fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing, general boating, close-to-shore safety, and more
3. Designed to be comfortable to wear for it features a soft fabric, adjustable belt and light PE foam inherent
4. The life jacket is brightly coloured for all-weather visibility
5. Provides great freedom of movement due to the divided foam buoyancy compartments
6. All of its raw materials are certified per ISO 12402-7 and ISO 12402-8, for higher
strength,quailty and durability
7. Colours available: fluorescent orange; neon yellow, red,Navy

Product Detail

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1. Durable polyester oxford fabric for outer shell and internal lining provides comfort
2. heavy-duty 40mm ITW buckle at waist and 25mm ITW buckle at bottom for secure fit
3. High quality and reliability YKK zipper for easy on and off
4. Highly adjustable straps provides range of motion
6. SOLAS reflective tape can reflect searchlights to a distance of 1.2 miles

LY-2167 Flotation vest


1. Famous brand YKK zipper
2. High visibility reflective tape
3. Quick release ITW buckle
4. Webbing straps for for adjustable wearing

More details

Of course, here are some additional points on the topic: Buoyancy: The principle of buoyancy states that an object placed in a liquid such as water experiences an upward force equal to the weight of the displaced liquid. Lifejackets are designed to expel enough water to create enough upward force, or buoyancy, to help keep people afloat.

Materials Used: Lifejackets can be made from various materials such as foam or air-filled chambers. Foam lifejackets have foam panels that provide buoyancy, while inflatable lifejackets have chambers that can be manually or automatically filled with air when submerged. These provide additional floating options for different situations or personal preferences.

Activity and comfort: When choosing a lifejacket, consider the activities you will be doing and your comfort level. Different activities may require specific types of lifejackets, such as those designed for boating, sailing, fishing or water sports. Ensuring a proper fit is critical to comfort and safety as it allows you freedom of movement while maintaining the lifejacket's ability to keep you afloat.

Understanding the science behind lifejackets not only helps us appreciate their importance in water safety, but also ensures we choose the right one for our specific needs. Remember, regardless of swimming ability, wearing a life jacket is essential to staying safe while enjoying water activities.

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